Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Vestera have been officially awarded as an Approved Operator for the LNG Ship to Ship (STS) transfer area centered upon coordinate 05° 10.5’ North 115° 12.2’ East in the Victoria Harbour, Labuan port limit by the Marine Department of Malaysia. This is presently the One and Only approved STS area within the Labuan port limit.

We provide Ship to Ship Tansfer (STS) Superintendent, Mooring Master and STS Personnel Overall Advisory Control (POAC) that manages LNG tankers lightering operations to ensure that safe and environmentally sound operating procedures and weather parameters are followed.



We can also provide suitable Tugs, Fenders, Flexible Hoses, Emergency Release Systems, Hydraulic Activation System, Support Saddles, Retardation Devices & Ship to Ship Positioning/Monitoring Equipment.

We look forward to the growth of our LNG related businesses in the near future.