Technology and ICT Services

Our technology services provide specialized technology-oriented solutions by combining the processes and functions of software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics.

As part of our end-to-end service for our clients we supply, configure and install software or hardware from a range of  manufacturers on an ad-hoc basis or as part of larger hardware refresh projects.

We also provide software and hardware leasing or loans and its maintenance and support with a range of service levels including networking integration, management  and maintenance.

Vestera has been appointed as Representative for Sales and Services for GEUTEBRUCK GmbH products in the territory of Malaysia as per below list.

1) Hardware
a. Servers
b. Cameras
c. Accessories

2) Software
a. Video Management - G-Core manages your video images and is the base for an optimally customizable complete solution. The system can be used as a stand-alone unit or expanded to any size and complexity by linking several G-Core systems. As an open platform, G-Core provides access to a large number of integrations with third-party systems.The image and video data are stored in a watermarked and tamper-resistant Geutebrück format (GBF), which can also serve as evidence in court.

b. Security Management - Maintain an overview and control of all complex units, both locally and in globally distributed locations. All information of your Geutebrück system and all interfaced third-party systems are bundled to simplify the management of your

c. Video Content Analysis - We offer various possibilities of intelligent image analysis. Our algorithms reliably recognize and classify objects and actions. Depending on requirements, we offer both camera-based and software-based analysis options, as well as detailed statistical evaluation options.

d. Integration and Monitoring - The simple connection of Geutebrück Software to various third-party systems is made possible by open interfaces and our Software Development Kit. The software-based function control of our systems reports indications of malfunctions, even before they occur.

Mini ROV

Vestera provides Mini ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Services primarily for the Oil and Gas Industry as well as Underwater Construction, Marine and other related industries.

Below are some of our ROV achievement:

1. World’s First Class-approved in-tank UT inspection for an FSO in 2014.

2. World’s First Class-approved mooring chain cleaning and inspection using mini-ROV.

This is the mooring chain inspection process link


Our typical list of ‘most-used’ functions and tools for the ROV:

♦ General Visual Inspection (GVI) / Close Visual Inspection (CVI), UWILD etc

♦ Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) Measurements (Class Certified)

♦ Marine growth cleaning with high-pressure caviblaster mounted on mini-ROV

♦ Mooring chain cleaning, inspections and thickness gaugings

♦ Cathodic Protection Potentials testing

♦ Flooded member detection (FMD)

♦ Dry film thickness

♦ Alternating current field measurement (ACFM)

♦ Seavalve plugging

♦ Boroscope (valve internal inspections)

♦ Nano-ROV (valve internal inspections)

♦ Subsea scanning with sonar and GPS co-ordinates verification

♦ Air/water Sample taking

♦ Others


The Mini ROV are certified by ABS, DNV and Lloyds Register for:

♦ ABS Hull Gauging Firm (for Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements)

♦ ABS ESP Hull Gauging Firm

♦ ABS In-water Survey

♦ ABS Remote Survey Techniques

♦ DNV Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

♦ Lloyd’s Register In-water Survey